DIY Camouflage Sleeve Jacket

Since I was a child, I have had a fondness for camouflage.  I was lucky enough to gather a collection of camouflage garments throughout the years from family members who were in the military.  Recently, The Coveteur mentioned camouflage in their Market section here which made me fall in love with camouflage in a whole new way.  As opposed to showing your typical hand-me-down camouflage jacket, they showed various types of camouflage and different items new and old.  They also profiled a few current style setters on their camouflage.  The jackets in the article inspired me to make a new camouflage jacket.  For a while, I’ve been wanting and searching for a new jacket to much of no luck.  I also had a plethora of camouflage fabric laying around in my craft corner that I had no idea what to do with.  What better way than to combine the two!



What you’ll need:

  • pattern (can be bought at any fabric store, Walmart, or online)
    (I specifically used McCall’s M6613)
  • fabric & fusing (see pattern guide for how much)
  • thread
  • pins
  • an iron
  • zippers (you could also use buttons or whatever you decide such as safety pins, etc.)
  • a sewing machine
  • household scissors & fabric scissors


1) First I suggest you iron all of your fabric(s) and pattern pieces. Next, lay them out in an open space according to the pattern directions, pin the pattern pieces, then cut out your pieces.
To get the exact jacket in the photo, I eliminated the pocket, collar, & collar & front bands.


2) After you have all of your pieces cut to the pattern you want, make the proper markings, cut, then pin your pieces together according to the pattern instructions.  Once your pieces are pinned, I suggest baste stitching all of your pieces together after pinning them.  Might I add that you should remove your pins along the way of stitching, prior to them reaching the presser foot to avoid any and all possible issues.


3) Trying on each piece as you go along is very helpful, and basting not only helps in avoiding pricking yourself with pins, it also helps give a truer fit of the final result.

After trying on your piece, sew over the previous baste stitch with the instructed stitch size. If you did not baste

*This part varies according to your choice of finishes.  If you finished with anything other than zippers, skip to step 5 & see part about “hemming.”  If you would like to finish yours with zippers, continue on with step 4.


4) You may not have a zipper presser foot, or if you are like me you have a hard time using one; either way in the above picture, I used a regular presser foot which works nearly the same as a zipper presser foot.

First you want to pin your zipper into place with proper seam allowance.  You can opt out of basting for this step.  Iron over the pins/basting so that the fabric lies flat onto the zipper. After ironing, you are going to place your presser foot along side the zipper as seen above and sew as close as possible.  I separated my zipper to help keep the sew line clean as possible.


Once again I tried the piece on to see how it fit and if I aligned the zippers correctly.


5) For the collar, I simply hemmed it by folding the raw edge of the fabric towards the inside of the jacket, then once more for a clean finish.  You may have a hemmer presser foot or you may not.  I have one but still used the regular presser foot.  Make sure to hem all of your unfinished edges!


Top: H&M | Denim pants:  Citizens of Humanity | Shoes: Chanel | Bag: Zara


One thought on “DIY Camouflage Sleeve Jacket

  1. Nice post, with lots of useful info and pics. Thanks for alerting me to the date of your link. Speaking of which, try not using “here” for your link but instead linking to keywords. 2 pts.

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