DIY Kenzo Inspired Sweatshirt

My love for crewneck sweatshirts is pretty deep.  I find them to be very convenient and extremely cozy.  Also, they are the first thing I look for when shopping at a thrift store.  With that being said, I was overjoyed to see Harper’s BAZAAR devote an entire section to sweatshirts in their “Street Style Trend Report: Spring 2013” report.  Amongst trends such as sheer fabrics, animal prints, the color blue, white heels, motorcycle jackets and, Miu Miu and Prada, “Sweat Chic” is the first trend to appear in the slideshow.  Of course I loved just about every sweatshirt they showed.  However, this Kenzo tiger sweatshirt stuck with me the most.  I had seen that particular sweatshirt once or twice before, but never paid much of any attention to it.  After doing a little research, I came to the conclusion that spending $500+ on a sweatshirt was just a bit farfetched for me and that is when I opted to make my own.  Besides, the sweatshirt is sold out everywhere!

Final product


What you’ll need:

  • sweatshirt of your choice (I found mine at Walmart for $5 in the mens section)
  • paintbrush(es)
  • fabric paint in colors of your choice (a closeup of the paints I used; you do not have to get the tipped bottles if you choose to paint your outlines by hand)
    I chose this Kenzo sweatshirt for color inspiration.
    *FOR THE TIGER:I drew my tiger onto my crewneck by hand with pencil and a white china marker while looking at a closeup picture of the Kenzo tiger.  However, you can simply search “tiger face outline” on a search engine and print the image of your choice to the size you would like and make a stencil, then trace the shapes or just paint over the stencil as is.

Step one Final drawing

1) First you want to lay the sweatshirt out on a flat surface.  I then folded mine in half and drew half of the tiger’s face, and then opened the sweatshirt to draw the other half.  This step varies depending on the method of choice.

Time to paint!

2) After getting your image down, I suggest painting the main parts of the tiger first and then the outlines of the tiger. (My outlines are the purple and black lines, and my main regions are white, neon lime, orange, turquoise, and green.)
I applied three coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry on its own before applying the following coat.  Try to avoid smudging the paint with your hand.  If you smudge the paint, just blend it in by thickening the line.
You can use a blow dryer set on low to set the paint after every coat like I did.
After painting, follow the drying instructions on the paint bottle.
*I laid mine out for four hours to dry.  The paint I used specifically instructs that you do not wash the item until 72 hours later.




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