DIY Oscar De La Renta Inspired Lace Statement Necklace

Recently I came across this Oscar De La Renta necklace in Elle’s “Love in Lace” trend report and amongst the ample amount of lace items in the trend list, I was really stuck on it.  At first I thought the necklace was actual lace until further inspection.  That is when I realized the necklace is metal, which explains the price tag.  I do like that the trend list had lace accessories as opposed to all lace clothing because I am not the biggest fan of lace as clothing.  However, I do love lace as an accent.  A part of me just had to give this necklace a go after seeing it.  I do have skills in making metal jewelry, but for the sake of time, money, and the people who do not have the skills or access to making a metal necklace, I decided that regular lace would do.



What You’ll Need:

  • wax paper
  • scissors
  • pliers of some sort or wire cutters
  • protective mask
  • lace (I found my lace at a thrift store.)
  • modge podge
  • paint brush
  • starch
  • spray paint of your choice
  • fabric glue or rubber cement
  • chain or an old necklace
  • protective gloves or WD-40


1) First you want to lay or hang your lace so that it is flat then spray heavily with starch.  This will stiffen the lace.  I sprayed a few coats on.  Give the fabric time to dry.
*I wore my mask for this part, it is totally optional until it is time to spray paint.


2) While you wait for your lace to dry, measure the length of your chain to your liking.  Detach the chain to remove the excess chain either by pulling it apart as shown in the above photo, or cut with wire cutters.


3) Wearing your protective mask, spray paint the chain.  I sprayed various layers between drying.
*You can choose to wear gloves for spray painting.  If you choose not to like myself, just spray some WD-40 on your hands when it is all over and done with, then wash hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.
Also, you can spray the other side of your chain after about 20/30 minutes.


4) Your lace should be dry at this point.  Cut the desired shapes out of your fabric to the size of your choice.  After, lay your pieces on a sheet of wax paper and paint them with modge podge.  This helps to not only give the lace a finish, but it also stiffens it.  I painted a total of 5 layers.  A blow dryer set on cool/low helps speed up the drying process so you do not have to wait as long.


5) After your pieces are all dry, spray paint them and let them dry.  I sprayed a total of 2 coats each side.


6) Once your pieces are all dry, arrange them as desired.  You can do this step on your own chest, someone else, or you can lay the pieces out on a flat surface and eye it like I did.


7) Once your pieces are placed to your liking, glue the places where the pieces layer each other with fabric glue or rubber cement.  Let dry.


8) For your final step, either find a hole or make one where you would like your chain to connect to your necklace.  Open the ring that will connect just as you did in step 2, pull through the hole, and close the ring back.  Repeat the step on the other side.  Afterwards, you can modge podge the back of the necklaces once more to strengthen it.  You can also spray paint one more coat on the finished necklace.  Totally optional.  Enjoy!


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