DIY No-Sew Kimono

Japanese inspired fashion is one trend that seems to never vanish from American fashion, much like plaid button-up shirts.  One aspect of Japanese fashion that seems to have never gone out of style is the traditional kimono. I have some from my grandmother’s and her mother’s closets that they have had since the 70s and on. Of course with time comes change, so they are not styled as traditionally as they once were. I came across Kimono cool takes over the street over on H&M’s website which, I think showed great variations of the kimono. Not too long after, I made the decision to shop for one. Many of the jackets resembled this one and started at $50. My dad has always stressed to me, “Don’t buy it if you can make it and save money in the process.” Quickly I concluded that I was going to make one and save myself $50+.


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DIY Emar Batalha Inspired Earrings

For the past week I have been watching my friends scramble to find the mothers in their family gifts for Mother’s Day. I am their go to person for gift ideas for whatever reason so I took it upon myself to gather a list of options before they came to me at the last minute. While on a hunt for possible ideas I came across’s post on Mother’s Day Gifts. I loved that everything about the post screamed femininity by playing on flowers and shades of pink/red. The ideas ranged from clothing, flowers, shoes, perfumes and candles.  Also on that list were a stunning pair of Emar Batalha earrings. I know plenty of mothers who would love to have those earrings.  However, the sound of a car skidding immediately played in my mind when I saw that they sell for $9,000. That is when I knew I had to try and make these earrings in the event that any of my friends did request information on how to obtain them which, a few have so far.  I happened to luck up at my local Michael’s craft store and found almost identical pendants and beading.


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DIY Oscar De La Renta Inspired Lace Statement Necklace

Recently I came across this Oscar De La Renta necklace in Elle’s “Love in Lace” trend report and amongst the ample amount of lace items in the trend list, I was really stuck on it.  At first I thought the necklace was actual lace until further inspection.  That is when I realized the necklace is metal, which explains the price tag.  I do like that the trend list had lace accessories as opposed to all lace clothing because I am not the biggest fan of lace as clothing.  However, I do love lace as an accent.  A part of me just had to give this necklace a go after seeing it.  I do have skills in making metal jewelry, but for the sake of time, money, and the people who do not have the skills or access to making a metal necklace, I decided that regular lace would do.


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DIY Kenzo Inspired Sweatshirt

My love for crewneck sweatshirts is pretty deep.  I find them to be very convenient and extremely cozy.  Also, they are the first thing I look for when shopping at a thrift store.  With that being said, I was overjoyed to see Harper’s BAZAAR devote an entire section to sweatshirts in their “Street Style Trend Report: Spring 2013” report.  Amongst trends such as sheer fabrics, animal prints, the color blue, white heels, motorcycle jackets and, Miu Miu and Prada, “Sweat Chic” is the first trend to appear in the slideshow.  Of course I loved just about every sweatshirt they showed.  However, this Kenzo tiger sweatshirt stuck with me the most.  I had seen that particular sweatshirt once or twice before, but never paid much of any attention to it.  After doing a little research, I came to the conclusion that spending $500+ on a sweatshirt was just a bit farfetched for me and that is when I opted to make my own.  Besides, the sweatshirt is sold out everywhere!

Final product

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DIY Camouflage Sleeve Jacket

Since I was a child, I have had a fondness for camouflage.  I was lucky enough to gather a collection of camouflage garments throughout the years from family members who were in the military.  Recently, The Coveteur mentioned camouflage in their Market section here which made me fall in love with camouflage in a whole new way.  As opposed to showing your typical hand-me-down camouflage jacket, they showed various types of camouflage and different items new and old.  They also profiled a few current style setters on their camouflage.  The jackets in the article inspired me to make a new camouflage jacket.  For a while, I’ve been wanting and searching for a new jacket to much of no luck.  I also had a plethora of camouflage fabric laying around in my craft corner that I had no idea what to do with.  What better way than to combine the two!


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