DIY Camouflage Sleeve Jacket

Since I was a child, I have had a fondness for camouflage.  I was lucky enough to gather a collection of camouflage garments throughout the years from family members who were in the military.  Recently, The Coveteur mentioned camouflage in their Market section here which made me fall in love with camouflage in a whole new way.  As opposed to showing your typical hand-me-down camouflage jacket, they showed various types of camouflage and different items new and old.  They also profiled a few current style setters on their camouflage.  The jackets in the article inspired me to make a new camouflage jacket.  For a while, I’ve been wanting and searching for a new jacket to much of no luck.  I also had a plethora of camouflage fabric laying around in my craft corner that I had no idea what to do with.  What better way than to combine the two!


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