DIY Emar Batalha Inspired Earrings

For the past week I have been watching my friends scramble to find the mothers in their family gifts for Mother’s Day. I am their go to person for gift ideas for whatever reason so I took it upon myself to gather a list of options before they came to me at the last minute. While on a hunt for possible ideas I came across’s post on Mother’s Day Gifts. I loved that everything about the post screamed femininity by playing on flowers and shades of pink/red. The ideas ranged from clothing, flowers, shoes, perfumes and candles.  Also on that list were a stunning pair of Emar Batalha earrings. I know plenty of mothers who would love to have those earrings.  However, the sound of a car skidding immediately played in my mind when I saw that they sell for $9,000. That is when I knew I had to try and make these earrings in the event that any of my friends did request information on how to obtain them which, a few have so far.  I happened to luck up at my local Michael’s craft store and found almost identical pendants and beading.


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DIY Oscar De La Renta Inspired Lace Statement Necklace

Recently I came across this Oscar De La Renta necklace in Elle’s “Love in Lace” trend report and amongst the ample amount of lace items in the trend list, I was really stuck on it.  At first I thought the necklace was actual lace until further inspection.  That is when I realized the necklace is metal, which explains the price tag.  I do like that the trend list had lace accessories as opposed to all lace clothing because I am not the biggest fan of lace as clothing.  However, I do love lace as an accent.  A part of me just had to give this necklace a go after seeing it.  I do have skills in making metal jewelry, but for the sake of time, money, and the people who do not have the skills or access to making a metal necklace, I decided that regular lace would do.


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