DIY No-Sew Kimono

Japanese inspired fashion is one trend that seems to never vanish from American fashion, much like plaid button-up shirts.  One aspect of Japanese fashion that seems to have never gone out of style is the traditional kimono. I have some from my grandmother’s and her mother’s closets that they have had since the 70s and on. Of course with time comes change, so they are not styled as traditionally as they once were. I came across Kimono cool takes over the street over on H&M’s website which, I think showed great variations of the kimono. Not too long after, I made the decision to shop for one. Many of the jackets resembled this one and started at $50. My dad has always stressed to me, “Don’t buy it if you can make it and save money in the process.” Quickly I concluded that I was going to make one and save myself $50+.


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